Gianni Fontana

International creative communications services and brand consultancy specialising in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, art and design.

Gianni Fontana, aka The Style Buff, marketing and communication professional, passionate about clothing, menswear, and style. More than 20 years with broad international experience with multi-national, multi-brand and multi-product corporates as well as agency. Strong experience in fashion, design and art.

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Dress up your sportswear and dress down your formal wear. Luciano Barbera

Production and Style. Consulting on Made-in-Italy production, sartorial styling, fabric selection and trend forecasting.

Creative Marketing. Advising clients on the development campaigns that deliver ROI, engage the media and speak to their consumers. Integrating brand management, design, marketing, publicity, events and sales objectives to ensure that the message is maintained from idea to execution .

Brand Development & Business Strategy. Creating and implementing business strategies tailored to enable growth is our focus. Ensuring that brands reach their full commercial potential. Assisting brands and designers in defining their market position and establishing brand recognition.

Product Placements & VIP Endorsements. Product placement and cultivating relationships between our clients and the right celebrities, style icons and ambassadors for their brand results in the building of strong brand profiles.

Background illustration by Ivan Kasaj

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